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Safer roads through safer drivers

Almost 40,000 people die every year on US roads. 3,000 are teens. These crashes are preventable. Through her work at the Children Hospital of Philadelphia, Jitsik's Founder and CEO, Dr Helen Loeb has published extensively on Teen Driving. In a nutshell, teens crash so much more than adults because they are not prepared for many road challenges. 

As a result, Dr Loeb developed MetaDrive XR, an affordable, immersive and intuitive tool to help train student drivers to real challenging situations they do not encounter with parents nor instructors. We are eager to deploy MetaDrive XR with driving schools, high schools, and families.

We strive for a Vision Zero future when no one dies on the road.


The In-Car version of our Mixed Reality Simulator in a stationary vehicle offers unparalleled immersion.

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